Well we made it to the airport and of course since we were early there were no lines and we breezed through. We already had breakfast and now we are sitting at the gate a little bored. We have to fly through Oakland to get home. We don't get off the plane but it will be a bit of a ride. I think we get in about 11 am. It is going to be a long day. But we finally get to see our babies (Toby, Gypsy and Sully) Bethany's Dog Nyla was sweet but she just was not the same as my sweet Gypsy or the lovable Tobster.
My next post will be from sunny but freezing WA!

Here is a pic of Nyla.


Glad you made it there safe and made it through those lines.. you got lucky.. usually it is packed..
Have a Safe flight..
grandma el said…
Nyla looks like a sweetheart. You are right it is freezing here. I wore my warmest robe this morning.
The sun is shining and it looks nice, but not real warm yet.
Anonymous said…
I always seem to be the last in the line of people to write to you but at least I am doing it. Glad to know you are on the ground and I will be seeing you both soon. The blue skies might be cool but aleast it is not raining. Your boys will be so glad to see you. I am just resting and not doing much. After the last three days of helping your sis and bro-in-law move, it's about all I can do. love you both mom

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