13 months have passed since our China Log in Date (LID). We have made it a year and a month. One thing that I keeping think is that we are at the end of a very long line but that is not entirely true. There are now people behind us in line some of those people just started the wait. I remember seeing April 06 LID’s and think wow they are so much closer that we ar. But since they have not even started receiving referrals I don’t think that anymore. But I do wonder what our LID must look like to a new comer. Do they think wow they are so much closer or do they think that once April 07 is done things will be easier, faster? I wonder what will really happen to Chinese adoption so many things have changed since we started this journey all I know for sure is we will wait as long as it takes. But don’t expect me to wait patiently; I have never been good at that.


Jimh. said…
Patience...not exactly a word you have ever been known for. Still, we will have fun getting there, look at all the things we have done and will do in the meantime...Little Miss will come home to a half-built airplane and about 17,000,058 baby blankets!
Happy 13 Months girly...
I am here with ya on this amazing journey..
Our little girls will grow up to love and cherish each other..
HUG girly..
I am right behind ya..
Donna & Andrew said…
Congrats on another month down.
Waiting is sooooo hard! I really hope it speeds up for you after the Olympics!!!

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