The Great Collar Search

You may recall about a week ago I mentioned Gypsy lost her collar (picture above it pre-collar disappearance.) Jim begged and sweet talked the vet and the city gals to get her new tags. So it was my job to get her a new collar, the easy part or so I thought. We went out to find her a new one at Petco, they did not have the kind that she had before so I bought her a choke chain with pretty pink nylon woven through it. Now mind you I did not know the right size since I no longer have her collar because it is probably buried in the back yard somewhere. I got home and it was too small so I took it back to Petco and went to Petsmart to see if they had the kind she wore before. I was in luck they did have one and I thought it was the right size. I also got a new one for Toby since his was getting pretty old. We got home and guess what the one I bought for Gypsy was too big. Uggg!! But then I got an idea! (I know there was smoke coming out my ears) Toby’s collar was adjusted as smallest size so I made it the biggest size and viola it fit Gypsy!!

Back to the pet store to look for one in a more feminine color for our dear Gypsy. Do they have one in purple or pink? NO. I decide that one with a buckle (the ones with the snaps get stuck in her hair) will be OK until we can find the kind we normally get. So I pick out a pretty purple one. Take it home and it is TOO SMALL, UGGGGGGG! I am about ready to take back the dog with all collars I am collecting. I would take her to the pet store but she doesn’t have a collar!!

I went online and finally found this one and it is not only cute it should fit. I got the Grr-ly girl one. I also got her a matching leash! I can’t wait to get it in!! It better fit!!

On another subject it was 100 degrees here today. It is not even Memorial Day yet. If this trend continues we are in for a hot one! More of a reason for that central air we have been debating.


Jimh. said…
your dog is still not tops on my list, though she has not escaped for a few weks...that's a good thing. Enjoyed the day, glad we got some shopping done. And my 50 cent piece is awesome. I love you!!!!!!!
I can't believe you have such a hard time finding her a collar...
I sooo hope this one fits.. it is cute...
Sorry it was sooo hot..
Have a Great Sunday girly..

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