Happy Mother's Day

I need to write a mother’s day post and I don’t know what to write. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lucky mother’s out there, I just wish it was finally my turn. I know it will be soon so that makes it a little better but it is still a difficult day, I am so ready for macaroni necklaces, plaster of Paris hand prints, and homemade cards that don’t make sense. I am not really down about this holiday just kinda makes me feel homesick, does that make sense? I have been ready for parenthood for years and yet I am still not a mommy. I know I am really closer than ever but that somehow does not make me feel much better.

Toby, Gypsy, and Sully are not so much into celebrating the day. They want to take me to the park but I still can’t find a collar to fit Gypsy so that is out. I have bought her 2 and the first one was too small and the next one was too big. Jim suggested we take her to the pet store to get a proper fitting collar but how do you do that without a collar? (Catch 22) We did get her a new license and when we get her shots next week she will get a new rabies tag. How are we going to take her to the vet without a collar? Am I a terrible dog mom? Toby’s new collar fits fine, why can’t we find one for Gypsy? Hope that is not a requirement to adopt “your dog must have a properly fitting collar” who knows maybe a new China requirement that I am not aware of.

Feeling a little self conscience I guess, maybe I just need to get some sleep. Here are some pics of my furry kids I took tonight, not the best but here they are as they are (Sully seems to have alot to say about being woke up for a photo op).


Jimh. said…
The kids are always best when they are asleep. You are a good furry Mom! you deserve a biscuit or something...LOL! And you are a Great Mom, even if you have not much to show for it yet! I can feel it and I have seen you in close proximity to kids...you'll be the best! I hope I do half as well! I love you and Happy Pre-Mother's Day!
You are a Mommy in your heart.. for a little girl from China...
You will be a Mommy soon girly..
Keep your chin up.. don't get yourself down.. and Have a Great Day..

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