I am home.

I am tired but home, it was a long drive. No pictures on the way home I drove the Oregon side on the way home not as pretty but a little faster. It was windy and rainy but not a bad drive. I got great gas mileage on this trip the best I have ever gotten in my car. 39.6 mpg!! I have enough gas to make it back and forth to work the rest of the week.

When I got home I got a big package! I order this a week ago or so. I can’t wait to use it. I don’t have anything for it to go in or to sleep on it yet but hopefully soon.


Jimh. said…
That mileage is phenomenal!!! I am just happy to have you home to cuddle.
Glad you are home.... Great mileage... and soon you will have something to place that in... and SOMEONE to sleep on it..
Have a Great rest of the WEEK..
grandma said…
I am glad you're home too.
Jimh. said…
Thanks for dinner last night! I look forward to a great weekend...of working around the house. Post soon!

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