Kid Trouble, the Furry Kind (the kid not the trouble.)

I am having parenting issues with my oldest son. I really want to kick him out or send him to one of those tough love camps, he is driving me crazy. Last night we gave him a new toy. We had been holding it for a while for a time when we thought he could use a distraction. He has been kept indoors more lately due to the escaping issue, which we may have under control but we have to trust them to test our work so it has not been fully tested yet. So we gave him a lobster, yes, a lobster. Don’t ask me why they make a lobster for a dog toy, but they do and it is cute. So he was carrying the toy around for a while and we kinda stopped paying attention the next thing I know he is begging to get into my lap with a dirty nose. He had apparently taken his lobster out side buried it and then dug it up again and brought it back into the house. Please understand it was rainy all day and our yard was very muddy.
Both of us, Jim and myself, had told him not to take it outside, but does he listen? NO. Of course he put it in his bed and his blanket was now covered in mud. He sat beside my chair looking at me saying in is puppy dog eyes “Mom, my blanky is all dirty and I can’t sleep in my bed like this, what are you going to do about it?” After explaining that we told him not to take the toy outside, I put his blanket, cushion and new toy in the wash. He watched me do this!! But yet for the next 20-40 minutes or so he whined about his toy or blanket. He went around searching the house like I hid it or something, like I ever hide anything. So when I went to put them in the dryer I took him with me to show him where they were and where they were going. I showed him that I was putting them into the dryer, but no sooner was the dryer on, then it was “where are they. Where are they, where are they” in his whiney Jack Russel voice. About an hour later I pulled them out of the dryer and it was like he was surprised. He was like, “Oh so that is where you hid them!”
He then placed his lobster in the middle of the room and proceeded to sit in his bed and growl at anyone that happened to move in the lobster's direction. I told him that everyone else in the house could care less, but he seems to have selective hearing or just does not believe me.
He slept almost all night in his own bed last night. That is one thing about the dog is he loves a clean blanky. I should probably wash it more often but I am a bad mom I guess.
This morning he was still guarding it. Then I noticed that the lobster and Toby were gone. I called “TOBY WHERE IS YOUR LOBSTER?” I don’t really feel like cleaning it again. In comes Toby without the lobster. So I say “Toby, where is the Lobster?” and with his ears down he goes back outside. He then comes back with the lobster in tow. Thankfully, it had not been buried yet. I explained to him again that it is not an outside toy and he was looking straight at me so I assumed he listened. No such luck, 10 minutes later it was back outside and this time I had to go out and find him and the lobster.
Needless to say they are now locked in the house, well, not all because of the lobster but when I went outside they were looking longingly at the corner of the fence like they were going to try an escape.
Oh the joys of living with a 6 year old!!


Jimh. said…
He does look you straight in the eye and nod...but I wonder how much of what he hears is just "Wah Wah, Wah Wah Wah Wah." like Charlie Brown.
grandma said…
What is Toby going to do when Little Miss arrives? Probably try to bury her in the yard.
He will think she is his new toy.
Your 6 year old is toooo funny...
Got to love our fur-babies.. they sure do keep you on your toes...
Have a Great Evening..
Anonymous said…
OH, Toby. He reminds me of Max and his toys. The toys stay nice for a while and then he trys to take them outside. This last weekend Dad mowed the lawn and found no less than two of his older toys. There isn't much left of them now. He seemed to wonder what happened. Give Toby and Gypsy our love. mom h

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