Lost no more!

****Spoiler alert*****

I totally guessed it!! I just got done watching the Lost Season Finale and I totally guessed who is in the coffin. Jim is trying to claim that I looked it up or some other insane Lost fanatic thing but I am not that dedicated as seen by my ability to watch the end of the show the day after it airs. All I can say is I knew it !! Can’t wait for next season!!
FYI good morning America’s alternate endings sucked, I mean really after we know if it not Benjamin nothing else is realistic. I recorded the GMA endings but was very disappointed.

Have a good weekend!


Jimh. said…
You are truly LOST. Love you!
Katie said…
How did both you and my roommate get it????? I was sure that it was that Richard guy but Melissa (my roommate) swore up and down that it would be Locke and darn it if you both weren't right! :)

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