Not So Secret, Secret Pal Gift and the Sock Swap!!

Secret Pal you are pretty much busted! The adorable swim suit was the final give away. I will keep your identity to myself until I receive the official reveal but I got you figured out. If you want I will let you in on the clues leading to your discovery. I have been dying to tell you but I was worried you would be upset I figured it out.

Everything is so cute it really makes me want Little Miss home so I take her swimming. I am so glad you decided to go the swimming route you are always very creative and come up with the cutest things. Jim would not let me blow up the pool but I did blow up the little pool toys so so cute. He was probably right about never getting it back in the box.

A few weeks ago I joined a sock swap organized by LayDfrog. So today when Jim came home with the mail these were in there. They are so cute I can’t wait to see Little Misses little tootsies in those cute socks. Thank you Kim Mintz for the adorable Mary Jane socks.


Jimh. said…
both gifts were the most awesome. Dr. Who is on, gotta go!
Jimh. said…
Kim! I was FIR-RST!!!
Darn it.. I wanted to be first..
I am soo Glad to have met you..
Love ya girly..

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