Sick Again.

The cold has got me. I hate being sick. It seems that I have been sick a lot this year. I am not fond of having my picture taken when I am sick. I think it is because of the above early childhood trauma (tonsillectomy at 2 ½ years old). See how I am trying to smile after having my tonsils out. I just want to know who asked me to smile and how cruel was that? But I was a cute kid, huh?

I blame this one on the 6 year olds Jim has been teaching for the last couple of weeks. You know how that teacher developed airborne well I want to be the teachers wife that hits the cold before it gets that far. I have an idea for a disinfectant spray system that the children must walk through before entering the classroom. Jim seems to think the parents might not want their child disinfected. I think it would be an advantage to everyone involved.

One year ago I had pneumonia and I worked through most of it because I am stupid stubborn dedicated. But this time I decided to stay home to get some rest because I don’t want to be sick for months like I was last year. I slept until 11 this morning and it is almost 1 and I am ready for a nap. Today it has progressed into full laryngitis, fun no speaking. Jim came home for lunch and made me some soup I would say that he is great but I think he likes asking me to repeat myself just to hear me squeak.

Another pondering how come I always seem to stay home from work on garbage day and dogs have to run around the yard barking all morning at the sanitation crew. I can see why our neighbor doesn’t like our dogs I don’t like them very much today.


Jimh. said…
What's that, Honey? Could you repeat yourself? You have no idea how cute you are when you have lost your voice...also, it is always so nice and quiet around here when you do...except I have noticed I get more bruises on my arms during those periods...maybe you should not slug me so much! LOL!!!!!! Love you Lots!
SO sorry you are sick...I am lucky and don't get sick very often...
SO nice of dear hubby to make you some soup... I can see him making you talk just to hear you...LOL..
HUGS to you girly..
Hope you get better...
grandma said…
I had the cutest grandkids ever. This is just more proof of it.
Sister C said…
Very cute picture. Of course I'm kinda partial to short redheads.

And Yes Jim does like to hear you squeak- I read his blog--haha.

Sorry to hear you're sick. So is Scott. He's taken the last two days off. I'm a little sick but hope to get off easy.

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