There Be Fish n That There Tank, Matey

Tonight after dinner, Jim went out to work on his drop tank and I decided to declare pirate war on the algae that was making it impossible to see fish in Jim’s fish tank, AKA the one that did not leak. A razor blade and a very wet arm was all that was needed to do the job. I got most of it done except for the part around the long spined sea urchin that will have to wait until he decides to move. I don’t know about you but I am not partial to being stung by a long spined sea urchin but if you are partial to that kind of thing feel free to come on over and finish cleaning the glass, I’ll stand by with the hydrogen peroxide.
As for the leaky tank, it was taken away by the garbage man on clean up day last week. We set up a temp. tank in the kitchen to rescue the couple corals that survived. We want to eventually get this beautiful set up but it may be awhile to save up the spare cash to do it. Then we have to find a place to put it, we have been actually talking about it for a while. We wanted a nicer tank for the living room with better lighting. If we do set up one in the bedroom again it will be a pico. A pico is a very small marine tank 5 or less gallons and you can only really do it if you have a larger tank to pull stock from.
As for the newest mystery in our home, Gypsy has lost her collar. She had it on this morning and she was in the house all day and I noticed when I got home it was gone. I have no idea how she got it off let alone lost it? If any one has any ideas what Gypsy did with her collar please let me know. I would just buy her a new collar, she probably needs one, but that one has her license and rabbies tag on it.
I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. I have been interviewing people at work and I hate that. I constantly worry about making the right decision and the person in this position will have the ability to either make my life easier or harder, so the pressure is on to make my life easier.


Jimh. said…
funny that we both wrote about fish without referencing the other. Thanks for dinner and cleaning my tanks. It looks great...and, no, long spine urchins are not pleasant to be stung by.
Glad you got the fish tanks done..
Sounds like fun at work.. Have a GREAT weekend..
Have fun sock shopping.. I will be doing the same..
grandma said…
As to what happened to Gypsy's collar, dogs will eat anything.
Thanks so much for visiting out blog and the sweet words! It means so much!!! I absolutely love the name of your blog.

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