Things From Today Mostly….

Gypsy’s new collar. You may recall I ordered Gypsy a new collar a while back. It came in this week and looks great I think I might get Toby one and a matching leash also. This is the best picture I could get where the collar was visible.

I got my Asia Duo burp cloths I bought from Red Thread Stitches. Robin is doing a fund raiser to get some money together fast so they can go get Mia Hope. She is selling some pre-maid items each day first come first serve. I wish her luck and I was glad to be able to help. Plus I got these nice cloths out of the deal. I think they will work great in the diaper bag for clean up or a small changing pad.We decided work outside today because it was so nice. Plenty to do inside but it was too nice outside to stay indoors. We went to the Nursery and got all sorts of plants to fill my hanging baskets and pots.

When we got home Jim decided to make a potting bench in the back yard. We have wanted to do something like that and it was the perfect day for it. It meant I had to wait to pot my plants but it was worth it.

I almost forgot Jim fixed the washer, too. That means I will have clean clothes to wear but it also means I need to do laundry, YUCK! He did not enjoy me taking his piture but I had to do for blog sake. His language was a little better than it was last weekend when the thing broke but not much. I fear that Little Miss and I will have to leave the house whenever he fixes anything otherwise we may risk her being kicked out of daycare and/or school due to the sailor language, she is likely to acquire ;0).


Jimh. said…
Not sure I approve of the last picture, but the rest are good...and yes, I see no reason to silently sit by let an inanimate object refuse to cooperate with me and my tools. A little colorful language helps move things along. I learned much of what I know from my father, but I am VERY creative and have come up with several inventions of my own. The hanging basket will look great, but you always do a good job! It was a fun day...any time I get to use power tools is a good day!
The collar is soooo cute.. Glad you finally found one that works...
The potting stand is GREAT.. but I have one problem and that is to keep the plants alive...LOL..
The cloth bibs are my favorite... I LOVE the Kimberley fabric... LOVE THEM...
I am trying to win something over there..
HUGS girly..
Have a Great Sunday...
Jim~ Love the last picture.. at least you got the washer working..
grandma said…
Jim is truly a Jack of all trades. He cooks, he shops, he fixes things, he draws, he teaches, he makes miniture models, he builds fences, and he DANCES.
The log leash and collar is really cool. I love all the pictures.

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