To Have Central Air or Not to Have Central Air

That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer sweat and save money or to be comfortable and broke. The ultimate question that must be answered, Jim and I have been toying with it for a while (since we have been back in our house) but it is quite a chunk of change to part with. We are making due with our wall AC and the little one in the bedroom but we were spoiled in California when we had central air. It is not as hot for as long here in Washington but it still gets hot. It was almost 90 this afternoon and it is only May. Yikes!! I would rather spend my money on fun things and baby stuff although Little Miss might like it if her room was not 110 degrees in the summer, Oh the dilemma!!

By the way I am feeling better still coughing a bit especially at night but I am so glad to be over the worst of it. Or at least I think I am I guess I will see if I can sleep all night in my own bed. The last couple of nights I have ended up in my chair trying to avoid coughing.

Here is another pic of the cute Little Miss Cora and proof that her Daddy was corrupting her with rock and roll at a very young age. Don't you just love the expression? I can't wait to see what Little miss thinks of her Daddy's music. Can you tell I found my baby book while cleaning out the back room?

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Jim I am first....
I know you get to talk to Cora everyday..Blah blah blah...LOL..
Okay.. you need central air.. John will come and put it in for you..
That means that I would get to see you...LOL..
Have a Great evening.
Glad you are feeling better...
Jimh. said…
John is an HVAC genius, TOOO??? Awesome, why can't I have the cool friends? Cora, you never tell me when you're posting anymore. Still, you were PRETTY CUTE...especially when you were young! LOL! You look nice NOW too! Love you!!
Jimh. said…
looks like ou are strung out on Pink Floyd!
Jimh. said…
So, surprised looking little girl, when are you going to post again?

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