Tomorrow is Friday!!

In case anyone forgets Friday comes after Thursday and thank the Lord!! I am in need of a weekend desperately. I was in a meeting with a potential customer all day and I woke up with a terrible sore throat that nothing seems to sooth. Luckily this particular customer enjoyed talking about his travels and I did not have to talk much. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier and my throat will feel better but at least it is Friday!!

I had to buy gas today (really Jim pumped it, thank goodness for husbands that pump gas). I can’t believe it cost $49 dollars to fill my tank. Luckily I can go about 450 miles on a tank. Other than that not much to blog about but Jim was bored with my last post so I thought I better come up with something new.

Have a good weekend everyone!


I can't wait for Saturday...
That is my weekend..
Sorry to hear about your sore throat...
Have a Great Weekend..
HA HA Jim .. I am first
Jimh. said…
TGIF!! I get to talk to Cora everyday! Ha Ha Kim!!

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