Training in Portland

Well I am in Portland for a couple days. I am attending food safety training for work, HACCP incase Emily reads this I don’t expect anyone else to get that reference. I was not thrilled about going by myself but at least I got to take the computer. I really don’t like staying in hotels and eating in restaurants by myself, I have done it enough I should be used to it by now but I still like a little company. At least I am staying at a nice hotel and it is not my account.

I decided to drive the Washington side of the river since it was such a nice day. The wild flowers are blooming and everything is still green it was beautiful. I stopped at a rest stop and after visiting the little ladies room I went for a walk. Since Jim insisted I take the camera in case I saw a ship, I took some pictures. (Jim, I will try and find your ship tomorrow, Okay) Here are a few of the pictures I took.

The weather is beautiful right now about 80 degrees. I just heard on the news that tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of 64 well that figures since all I brought to wear are capri pants.

And since macro seems to be all the rage these days here are a couple taken with my camera.


I got here first..HA HA..
But now I have to go read it..
Jimh. said…
You put Kim to shame! Awesome! I am first, KIM!!!! LOL!! Jimh.
Cora said…
You two are too funny. Now READ MY POST. LOL
LOVE the pictures... Looks like you had a nice drive..
Love the pictures of the flowers.. we are getting good... the men think they are the best when it comes to the camera...
Have a Great Trip..
I will be here to talk to you whenever you want..
Jimh. said…
At least I looked at the pictures first! And, I was not first...someone did not even pause long enough to look at the pictures before commenting :-)
grandma said…
Wouldn't Jim be satisfied with a picture of an old airplane. It might be easier to find than a ship.
What beautiful country. I love the pictures of the flowers also.
Have a safe trip home.

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