Congratulations Laura!!

Laura is a teacher. Watch out for your elementary aged kids!! Just kidding, I am sure she will be great. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was in the womb, Ok maybe not that long but she is the only person I know that has been so determined and sure of her career choice since she was little.
Yesterday was official graduation day in windy E-burg. We skipped the ceremony because lets all be honest college commencement ceremonies are very long and a bit boring. We picked up my Gramma and headed to my sisters for the BBQ. It was great to see Aunt Karen, Uncle Dennis and Katie, oh yeah Laura was there too. Molly did a great job putting everything together and the food was great. Thanks Molly.
Here are some picture, I did warn you guys they were going on here.

Five of the Granddaughters, we will get one of these with Deena one day.

This one is for KyLee, Hope you are having a good summer.
and then one that is just goofy.
It was a good time.

We then went to my parents after that and watched Big Brown lose the Triple Crown, bummer. But I really felt bad for the winner because all the focus was on Big Brown. Then my sister and I went to Mexico Fiesta foods for some Carne Asada. I have never been in that store because we usually shop a Safeway or Top Food and it was crazy. Emily and I were completely over stimulated when we left the store, the loud Spanish music, all the bright colors, and all the people were just a little much. Not our ideal shopping experience, we played soothing spa music on the way home to recover. But a lot of people like it because it was sure busy. I will go again to get the meat and the some really good salsa but lets just say I am not changing our regular grocery store.
Later we played a little Wii. I fear Emily might have caught the Wii bug she really liked it.


I will tell KyLee about your picture..she will LOVE it..
Glad you had a Great Time..
I can't not believe how much you 3 look alike.
You are all beautiful..
Have a Great Sunday..
Jimh. said…
Cool pictures! It was a nice party!
Anonymous said…
o thank you so much for remembering me!!!! i am having a great summer... hope yours is well.... CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!! KYLEE

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