Counting Money

Jim and I have been saving our change in a jar F-O-R-E-V-E-R Ok just for about 10 years or more. Jim and I started what we call our Hawaii jar before we were married. We thought we would go on our honeymoon to Hawaii, we changed that and it was great but that is another story. It is older than our mariage and we have never counted it and we have never dumped it out until tonight. We counted our pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and various other assorted change. We ended up with over $22 dollars in pennies alone.

We have a yard sale tommow. We hope to make a little money, for our baby. So we needed change but we were surprised to find what we did. Here are a few pictures of us counting our money, we had a great time.


Jimh. said…
Don't you love the smell of fresh money in the evening?

I have a feling we will have a VERY GOOD weekend!
I can't wait to see you playing in the money from the yardsale.. can I have after pictures too please...LOL..
You will be having a HUGE post after this weekend..
I am sooo HAPPY for the two of you.
Can't wait to hear from you on SUNDAY..
Love ya girly...

What happened to you at midnight?????LOL
Kelly & Sindy said…
Thanks for stopping by our blog
I cant wait to see how much $$$
you got from the yard-sale...

Best of luck on your journey to
Little Miss What's Her Name

Anonymous said…
thats too cool... no fair i want to play in money!!!!lol

Anonymous said…
Did you get what you need for the crib? Is this something that Dad and I could help with? Or is there something else that you'd want more from us? Name it. You know that we don't get up to Moxee as much as we should but that could be changing. Just heard from Jim on the phone and am so happy for you. Looking forward to pictures. Love mom

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