Great Gifts From an Even Greater Friend

Kim has been the best secret pal. Ok, she was my only secret pal but it has been such a great year. It has really made this year fly by. We will have our little girls before you know it!! Even though, she was discovered before the reveal, I really, really had a great time. It is hard for me to believe that I found such a great friend in a gift exchange. It was fate to meet someone so like me and with such a close LID and I hope that we get to travel together to China. As it is, I know we will always be close; we already talk to each other almost every night.

Kim went completely overboard on the reveals gifts but I love all of them. I really do. Ok where do I even start? I guess with the one she wanted me to open first, I love the frame with our pictures in it. I almost wish that I did not know who she was because it was such a cool surprise. Then there is the blanket that her Mom made Little Miss. It is absolutely gorgeous, I am sure it took her hours and hours. It is so heavy and yet so delicate. I know Kim was worried I would not like it or I would not put it in her room but I love it and it definitely will be used in her room. Then there were the bows and the bow holder. I have wanted to get one of those for a while to hang Little Miss’s bows on. Until now they are in a little box and I can’t see them. This way I will know what I need to buy (Jim don’t worry about the buying thing you won’t care when you see them in her hair, trust me) The Ladybug clippie is really cute I love it. The personalized one is so neat I did not know you could do that on ribbon, so cool. I don’t have anything that will go with those colors but I guess that just means shopping!! There was also a cute ladybug frame and a ladybug night light. Oh and I almost forgot the bib! It is the cutest bib I have ever seen and it is not just because it says Little Miss (although I love that) but seriously it is great.

Here are all the pictures of all the great things. The best thing that I got out of this secret pal exchange was something Kim did not send me, an amazing friend!


Jimh. said…
That's a pretty nifty slide show! That works great.

And the gifts? they are awesome. Kim is GREAT! I liked the little ladybug bow, it was really cute...for a girl thing. What, you don't think Little Miss will like Airplane parts as much as her dad? Give that girl an aileron! LOL!
I am sooo glad to have met you on our amazing journey to our little girls..
We will always be friends and our little girls will know each other well..
HUGS to you..
I am glad you liked everything.
Grandma said…
That slide is so cool. Love it !!

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