I Hate Migraines

I have been arguing with a head ache all day long and the head ache is under the impression that it wants to be a migraine but I am not very fond of that idea. I finally came home from work at about lunch time, only to find out that I was locked out of the house. The problem is that I do not keep a house key on my car key and since I do not need it to leave the house I often forget them. Lucky for me, I returned my house key to my Mom from locking myself out last week and I had a car key so I went over to get the key from her.

I took some Excedrin Migraine and took a nap in my semi-darkened room. I thought I was feeling better when I got up but it seems to be coming back so I sent Jim to the store for the Magic Coca-Cola. When I used to get Migraine’s regularly (I have not had one in years) that was the magic cure, a Regular Coca-Cola and 2 Aspirin. Now the scientist in me knows it is probably the Caffeine in the Soda that makes it work but for some reason Coca-Cola works better than Pepsi any day. I am not a coke drinker; this is a strictly Pepsi house but when you are in pain you will do what works, this show how desperate I am for my head to stop aching. I am hoping the cure still works.

I also got a paper cut under my finger nail this morning. I got through Friday the 13th without injury so what is with Wednesday the 18th? As you can see all these ailments have not kept me away from my bloggy world. Although, it has taken me a little longer the write this than usual.

Jim just informed me that the very handsome young Asian man (my opinion not Jim’s) is back from college and working at the local store. Perhaps, I should have retrieved my own Coca-Cola?


Jimh. said…
I hope your head ache goes away, though, I notice it isn't bad enough to make you forget about that boy. Hopefully you have better luck with the headache than I did with the ANTS!!
Sorry to hear about your headache... I have a slight one.. but that is due to working 10 hours with NO lunch..
Hugs to you girly.. GUESS WHAT...
The box came.. hope to get your package in the mail by Monday.. the Post Office will be closed when I go to work and come home...
HUGS to you..
Grandma said…
It's a full moon the 18th and that is the reason for the weird stuff going on.

I hope your cure for migrains works and you are better.

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