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Going through a blogging slump, I don’t really know why I just have not found much to write about. I was inspired by Kim to buy bows last night so I spent some time on Etsy and found some that I hope are going to be just as cute as they were in the pictures. I will post those when I get them. I ordered these and this and a few more.

Jim made really good progress on the back room yesterday. He did not have to work because it was raining and he was supposed to work outside. Everyone knows he is made of brown sugar right? He melts when he gets wet. Just kidding I was just as happy to have him work on that room it is impossible and if you can believe it there is a floor in there. We had not seen it for a while.

So if we get time this weekend we are going to work on it some more. As soon as that room is done I can start getting Little Miss’s room ready and more organized. I want to start getting the big pieces of furniture, like dresser, crib, bookshelf, etc.

We have a graduation BBQ to go to for my cousin Laura on Saturday. She is graduation from College to be a teacher. That should be fun we will be seeing some people that we have not seen in a while. Then Sunday we are going to go to a house warming party for Jim’s Sister and family. I can’t wait to see the kids they grow too fast and we don’t get to see them enough.
As you can tell I am already looking forward to the weekend and it is only Wednesday.

I need to post 2 more blankets on Little Miss’s blanket blog but I can't find them to take pictures of right now and I want to get this posted. I also need to get them listed on Etsy but I am a procrastinator. Jim is probably getting tired of blankets piling up and after all I did say I was going to sell them. If anyone that reads this blog is interested there is an email me button in the side bar of the other Little Miss’s Blankets blog. I need to put that email me thing on this blog too but I forgot how I did it. I think I saved the intructions somewhere, another thing for me to procrastinate about :0).

Oh I almost forgot, Look at this cute purse that Jim’s parents got for Little Miss while they were in Seattle. I can’t wait to see what she decides to fill it with. I see blogger is twisting my pictures still, UGH!


Jimh. said…
Great Blankets! and I thought that was a very cute purse, purses go, anyway...
LOVE the bows... I just love buying bows... but I sure hope Isabella has hair.. or I am in BIG trouble..
LOVE the purse.. and get those blankets on sale.. they will sale out quickly..
Can't wait to see Little Miss's room decorated..
Aunt Kim has some stuff coming to go in it..
grandma said…
That purse is so cute. I have that blogging block also.

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