Quote of the Day and Referrals

"I would cover myself in babies if I was cold" Why this particular comment? Well here is the background. This was in response to a news story about a baby that had a snake in the crib wrapped around her leg. It was a king snake (non-poisonous) and way too small to eat the child it was probably just trying to stay warm so hence Jim's comment. Personally I just thought the mother was scared seeing a snake and was over reacting a bit but no harm was done or could have been done by this small snake. She stated that she was having the child monitored by a pediatrician, why? because she was touched by a snake? Seems like a waste of a co-pay to me. Anyway, Jim's mind works differently; he immediately becomes the snake and wants babies to keep him warm, HUH? He then said "well in the absence of a good heat rock."

We used to have a snake, she was a Ball Python named Mathilda. She did not survive the move to CA. I don't have a digital picture of her but if I find one I will scan and post sometime.

On another note, the CCAA have referred LID's to January 20, 2006. 8 days this month which is pretty good but most of us were hoping for a 10 day batch. This means that there are 460 LID's to go. Slowly but surely we are getting there. I am hoping for a speed up sometime but not counting on it. I figured it out, for us to have a referral by this time in 2010 (36 months or 3 years of waiting) the CCAA needs to start referring an average of 20 days a month. So far there is no indication that it is going to speed up that much so I am now think 2011 for a referral? But I need to stop predicting because 1. I am no good at it and 2. anything can happen right?


Jimh. said…
Now I know you DO listen to me (once in awhile)! Anyway, babies are pretty warm, right?

As to China...well, we will figure out some way to get a kid...and not to keep snakes warm.LOL!
Okay.. the lady with the baby.. I really dont' see it a need to have the baby monitored..But some people are different...

Okay.. Now CHina.. we are going in 2010... SO if you are going with me.. that is when we are going..
LOVE ya girly..
Grandma said…
I hope it speeds up. The wait must be agonizing.

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