Ready for the Weekend

No big plans here. We are going to get ready for a yard sale. We need to make some baby money and some baby room!! It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate. I was going to just good will it all but I thought I would try and make a little money first since we really need to start putting some away for the adoption trip. I also am going to try to get my blankets listed on Etsy also. I am such a procrastinator. Our goal is to have the yard sale a week from Saturday so hopefully that will motivate us to get ready.

I finally got rid of my head ache today. It lasted 2 days, it has been a long time since I have had one that bad. I am just glad that it went away so I can get something done this weekend.

Since I have not posted any pictures in while, mainly because I have nothing to take pictures of lately, here are a few of the dogs being humilitated. I fear that until we have kids we will continue to try things out on the pups so far it has neither worked very well nor made the dogs very happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jimh. said…
Toby DOES look stylish, though!
Okay.. what r u doing putting Little Miss's sunglasses on Toby..
He is cute though..
Have a Great Weekend..
You will have something to post about on MONDAY..

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