Yard Sale

Well today was the first day of our yard sale. We did not do too bad, about $140. Our goal is to make about $200 to buy a crib. Just one of the many baby things we need. We are both Hot and Tired. All the stuff is under tarps in the front yard waiting for the open of business tomorrow. Maybe someone will come take all the stuff in the middle of the night and leave us the money on the porch? It could happen, right?

We did have some company throughout the day. My parents brought some stuff over to donate to the cause and stayed to help out, it was really nice. We also had some neighbors come over and the girls looked and looked until they found something to buy it was pretty cute the 2 older ones ended up sitting with us and chatting for the last hour or so. Jim was trying to sell them everything it was funny. He modeled the wedding tulle and blew the wedding bubbles, that actually worked the youngest girl, Cora (yep that is her name, cool huh) bought some for $0.04 don’t ask me where he came up with that number. He had a few members of his fan club show up. He tried to sell some boys on bikes all the wedding stuff too for thier sister of course and he really tried to convience them that the perfect accessorie for thier bike was a heart shaped basket. Jim has a way of making everything fun and kids tend to collect around him.


Sounds like a GREAT day.. besides the heat..
Okay.. I am ready for tomorrow.. and then ready to see the babies room ALL done with a cute little crib...
Grandma said…
Just the thoughts of a yard sale makes me tired. You must be exhausted and in need of some rest.
Jimh. said…
Hmmm, I don't know if I am that great around kids...But, I heard they're like miniature people!!

The sale was long, but I enjoy a little socialization.

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