We have Max for a few days. He is Jim's parents dog, they are on a vacation for a few days. He has been a good dog and it very cute. But you can tell that he is just a visitor as he is camera shy. If he was our dog he would realize that the camera is just and extension of our arms.

I also have my package to Kim ready to go!! I can't wait until she gets it!!! I am sure she will like everything but I am very excited for her to see a couple of goodies I found to see what she thinks!
Have a good weekend everyone!


Okay.. thought it was just a dress and a couple little things... THAT IS HUGE...
I love ya girly..
You are the best.
Thank you.. can't wait to see all the Amazing goodies...
He sure is camera shy... maybe if he sticks around for a few more days he will get
Talk to you later...
Jimh. said…
That package sure was much stuff did you put in there? And yes, our dogs just look at us and say, "oh, you got that thing again, alright, how do you want me to pose?"
Jimh. said…
I love to comment on your blog! I would comment, even if you bargained for them!!!!

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