Family Fun

Yesterday, my Grandma’s sister Carol and some of her family were in town from Oklahoma. My Mom, Dad, Emily, Ryan and I headed over the mountain to Uncle Hollis's house, to see the family. Jim somehow talked me into letting him go to an airshow in Seattle. Jim took the camera so I used Emily’s camera most of the day. Unfortunately, we got home too late to share pictures so I will just have to show you some ones from our camera.

Sorry not much detail mostly pictures in this post but they tell a bit of a story, alot of reconnecting and story telling, Fun Fun.

Grandma Lorrene, Aunt Carol and Uncle Hollis
Our family that could make it.
The kids sure had fun playing

Aunt Carol, Brandy, Jesse and Uncle Jess

Aunt Carol and GrandmaDad and Darrel, Probably talking fishing

Aunt Dar, Aunt Karen and Mom, talking about something?

Brandy enjoying the circle

Uncle Dennis and my chin.


How FUN!!!!
Love all the pictures...
Looks like a wonderful time..
Glad to see Jim could get in on one of those pictures..
Have a Great Day...
Jimh. said…
That is a wonderful picture of you chin. I should take more, it is really cute! Also, I had a lot of fun, both at the air show and at the family gathering.
Grandma said…
That was a wonderful day. Everything turned out perfect.

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