Month 15

Well it has been 15 months and of course we are still waiting for our Little Miss from China. It is hard to believe that another month has just flown by. This month has been a little more difficult than the other months. There were so many ups and downs that it was a true roller coaster ride, and I don’t like roller coasters.

To be so close to parenthood was truly a joyous moment but to have it taken away was heart breaking. I understand our decision to adopt internationally even more this month than I ever have before. I do know that domestic adoptions do work out most of the time but to opening yourself up for such devastation is too much for me right now. I am glad that we were already was pursuing other options to help ease the pain. I am also thankful that I have such supportive friends and family, you all know who you are and you are all wonderful and truly a blessing to me. I started to list everyone but that would take all night.

At the same time as all that was going on the Burundi opportunity opened up and we had to make a quick decision what direction to go. When we made the decision to follow our hearts and sign up for the Burundi program we did not know that the other opportunity was going to fall through. I was a little panicky for a while that we might have a family of four before we knew it, but I knew that we could handle it if it happened. So now we just wait for that Burundi Baby and of course our Little Miss to finally make their entrance into this crazy and wonderful family. We are so excited to be on this road and know that our family and friends are all waiting as much as we are to see those gorgeous little faces.

I hope that next month is a little less stressful. There are some things that I am really looking forward to in August. There is the next batch of referrals from China, I hope it is a big month and I can’t wait to see the babies. The Summer Olympics in Beijing, I love to watch all festivities and this will be the last Summer Olympics without Little Miss!! Plus it is in China! Then there is the hope of a referral from Burundi, (crossing my fingers but not betting any large sums of money yet). So stayed tuned to see what exciting adventures we find ourselves in.


Jimh. said…
Wow, 15 already! At least now it feels like we are making progress toward a family! Have a great day!
Donna & Andrew said…
Another step closer.Congrats on your 15th Lid-iversary!
Grandma said…
I love what you did to your pictures. How cool!
These days of anxiety will soon be in your distant pass. Time passes so quickly it will be no time at all until your plans will be getting them in school.
Another month down!

I like your scrapping skills! I got the same kit from Shabby Princess that you used in your header. I know that Kim really wants to learn how to scrap! (I actually taught a basics class to our local FCC last week!)

Thanks for stopping by our blog!
Happy 15 months...
I am right behind you..
And you know I am always here for you girly..
Can't wait to see my BB... he is going to be darling.. bring it on..
Then after he is here... our girls will be here..
Can't wait..
mommy2gabby said…
Hi Cora!

I am finally posting! Congradulations on #15! Wow, it is hard to believe that it as been that long in many respects. Ours is not to far behind you.

I can't wait to see your cute BB! What fun! Make sure you do lots of together time now cause once baby comes it is alot harder to fit in.


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