My First Dress

Ok, really it is a dress for Little Miss (I have had a dress before, really)but it is the first article of clothing that I have completed, made all by myself. Start to finish and done!! Complete with embellishment. I have never made button holes before never stitched a blind hem and I only needed Mom to rescue me twice. Pattern reading was the most difficult of tasks. I accidentally bought way too much fabric (like enough to make four dresses) but I guess I will make an extra or two for friends. And then I did not know how to clip the seams so things would lay flat. I was surprised at how fast it went together.

I am really happy with the result although there are a few things I will do differently next time. I am really proud of how it turned out. I will actually be happy to put Little Miss in the dress and say that I made it! Next, I will conquer ZIPPERS!! Ok, Calm down Cora, you were stepping out on a limb with buttons, LOL.

Let me know what you think.


You did great..and it is soooo cute.. but will be cuter with Little Miss in it..
You can do zippers.. that is a piece of cake...LOL..
Have a Great Sunday..
Jimh. said…
maybe you should try ties know, lace ups...should be easy, just punch holes, right? Then let small underaged underpaid workers do it for you like Martha Stewart! I wonder if you can employ the neighbor kids...

Reall,y, though, it looks terrific. You are your own wrst critic. I love you and I cannot wait to se Little Miss in that dress!
Grandma said…
That little dress is adorable. I think little girls in dresses is the cutest thing in the world.
Donna & Andrew said…
What a cute dress! Good job. It will look beautiful on your Little Miss. Have a good one.
Anonymous said…
that is amazing!!!!
i cant believe you made it!!

Anonymous said…
Just have to leave my comment. You did a really nice job. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself too. So glad to see you sewing. Take care. Mom
Jimh. said…
I found you via Google! Love ya!

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