Pity Party - No Music!!

Well I have a lot to blog about lately but I just can’t do it. Perhaps someday I will put into writing what we have been going through this week. It has been worse on me than Jim, I hate roller coasters. So anyway I thought I would blog about the thing that threw me over the emotional edge, today. Now please keep in mind I was extremely close to the edge already so it did not take much of a push.

The IT guy in our corporate office blocked all streaming media. Now that does not seem so bad but I listen to Sirius Radio at work in my office on the computer. I am the only one that does this in my plant. I cannot get radio reception in my office. I use the music so that while I am working I can forget about some of the things that are pushing me towards that edge I was telling you about earlier. I was not doing this in secret or against any existing rules but I had asked my boss and she said it was fine. What really bothers me is that this guy could not just have asked me to stop, he had to block it in secret. I emailed him to ask him about since I had permission. He said that he banned all music in all offices. That was it, all I needed to head right into that crying spell I had been trying to avoid. No music, I can work at a mini-mart and be allowed music while I work and I would probably be happier (I just wish could make as much money doing something else). It makes my day bearable and he just decided that there is no more music, no discussion. I told him he could have been nicer about it and told us ahead of time . He called me later. I hate crying in front of people but I could not help it. He asked if losing music was that bad? I said that it was just the last thing that pushed me over the edge. I don’t understand why he could not have said something rather than just blocking it. I felt like I was in trouble and I had asked if it was OK. I was told that music would be loaded on the new server and we could listen to that when we get it. Who knows what that will be probably nothing I like to listen to. I was a mess the rest of the day.

I guess if I had an IPod I could bring that but I don’t, and I can’t really afford one anyway right now. I usually refrain from talking about work but no music really makes the place even more miserable than it already is. Someday I will do what I really love and spend my days with children but that is just a dream right now unless the wages of the local daycare workers have gone through the roof without my knowledge.

Sorry for the pity party but not many good things to blog about have happened lately.


Sorry girly...
I know you are stressed... I so wish I lived near so we could go do something.. and let it go for awhile..
Don't make yourself soo upset.. time will tell and things will work out..
HUGS to you
LOVE ya girly..
Jimh. said…
I would love to send you off for a week...or three... with Kim! I am sory that things have been rough. You could always take that OLD MP3 player...
Anonymous said…
hey cora i am sorry your feeling blue!
i wish you leaved closer we could go like shopping!!!!!

Em said…
You and Jim should come down and lay around the pool all weekend! Bring the dogs too. You are always welcome! Keep your chin up!
Anonymous said…
I am sorry about how your week has gone. You have not been very far from my thoughts...Next week should be better. What's wrong with that person??? Is he a music hater? I could understand not being able to listen and run a complicated piece of equipment for a complicated process but really...The mom in me wants to go in a clean someones clock but then I probably couldn't put him back together again. It would end up with a lose screw running around and I wouldn't remember where it went in the first place. Here's to a better week. Mom

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