Project Changing Table

We have a TV stand that we were using as a fish tank stand until the tragedy and since then it has just been a night table in our room. Well, last week I got the bright idea that it would make the perfect changing table. I have not found a changing table that I like and I have a hard time spending money on something that only has the purpose of changing diapers. It is the right height and it has a shelf that I can put diapers or wipes or whatever and then I can hide stuff in the doors like even more diapers. The top is also the right size for the changing pads that you can buy. And when it is done being a changing table it can go back to a TV stand or a fish tank stand or just about anything we decide to turn it into.

But in order the make it Nursery compatible it needed a face lift. We have decided to go wild! That is Jungle fever wild. I figure it is a good gender neutral theme that will work for BB and LM. Plus there are jungles in Asia and Africa. It is far from done, mainly because I got lazy today and did not work very hard but here are the pictures so far. Check out Jim’s blog for videos of last night.

Before the paint!!

Shades of Green
I am a serious painting machine, :0)

Jim is the stencil king, aren't they great!So far so good! I think this project is going to take all week at the rate we are going.

Let me know what you think so far. Don't worry I will keep you posted on the final product.


Grandma said…
Oh my gosh! what will you guys think of next. That is really clever and very pretty.
Jimh. said…
You are the one who gets credit for the idea. I just used a pair of scissors...oh, I might have painted a leaf or two, but you are the one with the brilliant ideas and you bring them into fruition. If it were left to me, I'd say, "Uhhh, how 'bout the floor? You can change kids on the floor, right? Or the kitchen table, how 'bout that?" "What, the kid can't play with just sticks and rocks? That's what I did!"
Okay... That is GREAT.... I am loving the color and the leaves on the side are GREAT....
I think the jungle theme is PERFECT.....
Can't wait to see it done....
mommy2gabby said…
Hey what a neat idea! The jungle theme is perfect,so bright and colorful. The children will love it.

Love recycling useful items.
:) Jody
Donna & Andrew said…
OMG what a great idea and your so talented. Love the colors. Can't wait to see it finished.
That is completely adorable!! Love it!
The Stengle's said…
I am so glad you could turn that stand into such a great piece! Or "Masterpiece" You guys are so creative, I hope you can rub off on Ryan and I : ) Can't wait to see you next.

Your sis and bro-in-law

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