Shots Oh So Fun

I had a Doctor appointment today. I needed to get the medical form filled out for the home study update to switch countries. We still need to do the financial forms and send in taxes and paystubs and all that jazz. Jim needs to find a doctor and get his medical form too. But we are getting there. Then we have to send it all to USCIS (immigration) so that we can be fingerprinted and get there OK to change countries. We will eventually have to file again for China but we will wait until we are closer to referral for that. We still are not sure of all the paperwork we will need for Burundi so we will have to wait to work on that for until we hear from our agency.

So while at the doctors I asked about Hep A vaccine. I have known I needed it for a while but I have been procrastinating. I don’t particularly like shots but as travel may be sooner than we thought before I figured I better go for it. So I got a shot, I need another one in six months but the doctor said I should be fine if we travel before then, 90% of the immunity is in the 1st shot.

The guy that gave me the shot was awesome. I have a hard time with needles and he was done before I even knew what was going on. I noticed when I got home that in addition to my sore arm I also am fatigued, fevery and achy. Good thing I did this on a Friday. Now I know why babies are so irritable after vaccines.

I do look tough with my upside down Daffy Duck band-aid. Now it is Jim’s turn, he needs A and B, how fun for him. We are just one step closer to our baby coming home.


Jimh. said…
BABIES are irritable? You DID look tough...whose lunch money did you take? I can't wait to use our passports! Great Post! I hope it's a great Weekend.
Grandma said…
The things you go through for your babies!! Pregnacy was never like that. I bet it'll be worth every speck of it and I can't wait.
I don't like needles at all..
I am sooo scared...
But guess we have to do what we have to do...
Glad to be back..

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