Six word Memoir

I have been tagged by Kim at Journey to Isabella to write my Six Word Memoir. I had to do a little research on Memoirs. I learned that unlike an autobiography, although the words are commonly used interchangeably, a memoir is not a chronological telling of one’s life and can be more representative of a specific time. Also a memoir is less of a history and more of a feeling that came from a point in one’s life. I don’t know if this is completely accurate, I learned most of it from Wikipedia, but it is what gave me direction in writing the Six Word Memoir.

So, with that, I decided to take that information and write something that applies to the current feeling of my life. Now, I know how it is read and I know the exact feeling behind it but the reader will not and that is one of the joys in reading, you can get your own feeling from it and make it mean things the author never even imagined. So here it is my Six Word Memoir, I left out the punctuation on purpose, I don’t want to give away too much, enjoy:

Really we signed up for this

Ok, now down to business, there are rules to this thing. I need to tag 5 other people. I don’t have five people to tag that I know will do it so I am just going to tag 2 people and if you read my blog and want to join it please do and let me know so I can check out your Memoir. The two people I tag are my wonderful Husband at Planetruth and my Grandmother at Pet Peeves and Other Ramblings.

Here are the rules.
1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it to your blog (include an illustration if you wish) and link back to my post and also this post of Beachy Mimi's.

3. Choose five bloggers by linking to them in your post and let them know by commenting on their blog. (Ok I already broke this rule so if you don’t tag five people the blog police will not
come and get you, just have fun)


Jimh. said…
Thanks a bunch...I'll get even.
Cora said…
So Jim is that you six words? You can do better than that! What did you think? You need to leave a better comment!
Jimh. said…
I suppose I can do better, but I DO love the way you managed it! I am amazed at how much meaning you managed to onvey with just six words...I will endeavor to do my you.
Grandma said…
I'm working on it. I have had a longer life than the average so it might take longer. :)
Hope you are having a Great Day...
Ryan and Em said…
And the Stengle's say, with no puncuation either, "things could be worse I guess" You said to include how you might feel at the time of a specific moment. But also think of this one, "great things are worth waiting for" Love you, Ryan and Em

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