Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow Sunday

I hate shots!! I might have mentioned this in my previous post but I am apparently in the 10% of people that have a reaction either that or I am getting the flu. Either way I feel yucky, head ache, nausea and just plain tired. Good thing we really did not have any plans this weekend. I have just been doing a little sewing as I feel up to it. We did go grocery shopping yesterday as we were completely out of meat and that is just a food group that we don't like to be out of. Yes, we are carnivores!
On a cuter note!
I forgot to blog about the super cute panda we got for Little Miss while in Seattle. I know we should have got something for our Burundi Baby but I am trying hard to only buy things for them that I really love (otherwise we will be broke and we will have to move to accommodate all the stuff). I just did not find anything that we could not live with out except for the panda. It is a Truffle Panda by Jellycat, I wish they had an African animal to sit next to our panda. They are perfect for sitting on the crib rail. I just need to get the crib so panda has a place to live.
Hope everyone has had a good weekend!


Kim & Jeff said...

I love the Panda!!! Might have to get one of those for Little Lem :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Jimh. said...

It was nice to take it easy and have a day where we did not do much. I thought the Panda was awesome...glad we got it.


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