Thank you's and fun stuff

I have a few Thank you's due. I got these great books as a thank you from the Bohmann family. They were my secret pals from the April LID Yahoo Group.
What a great gift I love childrens books. Little Miss's library is really growing and these 3 were ones that we did not have. I read them all and can't wait to read them to our children.

Then I got these bow holders from Kathy's bows, well actually I added the Black and Blue one to go with the pink one that Kim got for me. Don't they look great together? As an added bonus Kathy added a ladybug clip to the package. Thanks Kathy I love them.

As if that is not enough goodies I got this shirt that I ordered last week. I love it. I found it here. It is a blog to help us all find adoption fundraisers to help bring our babies home.


Love the ladybug clip..she does such a GREAT job..
And LOVE those books.. I dont' have those either..
The shirt is sooooo right.. BB is going to be here soon...
Jimh. said…
The Bohmanns a did wonderful job! She must have known we like books. wonderful choices!! I love your shirt,but when are you gonna get me a cool shirt?
You didn't get Jim one of those shirts???
Daddy needs one too..
(okay Jim ~ pay up...LOL)
Jimh. said…
Its August 1st and still no blog...
Kim N Jeff said…
What great pals you have!!! Love the bow hanger... I might have to get one of those!

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