A True Friend

Kim got her package and I am thrilled that she loves it!! I would share the pictures of what I sent but hers turned out better so go check them out here. We have only met in person once but I am so glad that we did. I have truly met the most amazing friend on the internet. I never thought that I would say that but it is so true.

Kim was my secret pal in the April 2007 yahoo group gift exchange and we exchanged gifts throughout the year and last month was the reveal month. I kinda figured out that she was my secret pal a few months before that but was afraid to tell her because I did not want to spoil her fun. She would not have cared, but we did not know each other as well as we do now. And boy have we ever gotten to know each other, we chat online nearly every night. Kim has been there to support and just listen when I needed it through stressful times of last month.

So, as I was pulling out the goodies I had collected to send to her as a thank you for being so wonderful, I realized that I had really gone a bit over board, I did not care one bit. Some of the items were things I got before I even knew she was my secret pal, the frame, the bookmark and maybe a few others but most of them I found with Kim and Isabella specifically in mind and I knew they would be loved.

So here again is a picture of my best friend and I on the one occasion we have been able to meet in person. I promise we will eventually get another one of us so that we can post a different one once and a while.


Okay.. you made me cry again..
You are an amazing friend.. We will have many more pictures.. with our little ones too..
Hugs to you and THANK YOU sooo much..
You are a TRUE FRIEND..
Jimh. said…
You did go overboard, but that's ok. But, Kim IS awesome. Even if she won't move to Washington to be close to you.LOL!

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