What has been going on?!?

I have been a bad blogger lately. I have not blogged much because there have been a lot of stuff happening that I was not ready to make completely public. Last week was particularly tough, we thought that we might have the opportunity to be the parents of a wonderful little baby boy through a domestic adoption. However, because of lots of complicated things I don’t want to get into here we don’t think that it is going to work out. There is still a possibility but it is looking slim at this point.

That opportunity came upon us very suddenly but we have also been working with our agency as they develop a Burundi adoption program for a few months. Tuesday evening we went to a reception in Seattle as an official opening of this program. We were able to meet the Bishop from Burundi that is the liaison to the program. He was an amazing man, we really liked him. We have been waiting until the program was actually open to make any official announcement on the blogs but I don’t think that we can keep it quiet much longer. Since this is a completely new program for both our agency and Burundi we are expecting some bumps along the way but we are prepared to help work out the bugs and hopefully help the other families that come after us.
We are still, of course, waiting for Little Miss. Since we are not getting any younger and China is not going any faster, yet. We wanted to add to our family sooner. So Little Miss will have a big brother or sister waiting for her when she comes home.
Yesterday, we had a meeting with our agency to update our home study in order to switch countries. We will have a lot to do and we are not even sure what that will entail.
Here are some pictures from our Seattle trip.

Jim, Cora and Bishop Simeon

Cindy, Bishop Simeon, and Dave

Cora eating noodles

Jim looking annoyed that I finally got the camera away from him.


I am sooo happy ... I am sooo glad you have this out in bloggerville.. almost couldn't help myself....
You know I am excited right along with you.. you never know.. you might have two before Little Miss...
You know that we all adore you both to death..
Can't wait to meet my new nephew or niece..
Grandma said…
Wow!! When it rains it pours. Fantastic...How exciting. Just think you could be parents of three. Now that might cut down on the blogging time.
Two great grandbabies or three. I can't wait for the next exciting event, which ever one it is.
Jimh. said…
Great to finally be able to talk about it! I can't wait, whatever the eventual source of our kid!!!
Anonymous said…
Grandpa and I are looking forward to our new little arrival whom ever it is. The Bishop looks to be a very interesting gentleman. Will talk to you about your trip in more details later. Mom

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