16 Months

We have been officially waiting now for 16 months! If the wait were to stay the same and not get any longer we would be over the half way mark. The families that are getting referrals now have waited about 30 months; however I think it will continue to get longer for a little while at least. We are hanging in there. We have changed our focus a little to BB and travel to Burundi but our Little Miss is always in our minds and she will be home as soon as she can.


We are getting there... I think China will start to speed up in Sept. But we will see.. I am sooo happy for you and Jim you will have little BB really soon.. That will help you with the long wait..
Have a Great Day..
And I am right behind you..
Jimh. said…
Wow, 16 months! Love the scrapbook page. Glad you got time to do it.
Good job on the scrap page. I am guessing that BB means Burundi Baby. I am sure I could come up with a bunch of other meanings, all that would drive Kim nuts! LOL!
Donna & Andrew said…
Congrats on another step closer.

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