We got a crib this weekend!!! It was exciting to be more than just window shopping (which I have done a couple of times a few times a lot) We started at Baby Depot, I looked at the one that I wanted and decided I no longer liked it so I found one I liked better. But I wanted to make sure so I went to another store that I knew sold cribs. I didn’t want one that had fixed sides or a drop gate and I could care less if they were convertible into a full size bed, which is apparently the trend right now. The only traditional crib that I liked at that store was more than twice the price of the Baby Depot one and no one could work the drop side (even the sales gal.) For that much money I expected a remote control to work the side. So we went back to the first one and viola, we have a crib. Well, it took a little more than that Emily and I waited in line behind all the back to school shoppers for what seemed like forever but we finally got it. I also came in $2 under budget!! It is still in the box but this is what it will look like eventually.
We did a little more shopping and then beat feet back to Em’s to cool off in the pool. When we got back to her house it was 110 in the shade and the pool was 85 degrees, but we had a great time. The dogs are still recovering from all the fun, they were beat! (I will add more pictures later when my computer stops having a bad attitude!)

I put a poll on my sidebar about when we expect our referral from Burundi. My guess was the 22nd and I am still hoping for that day but I am quickly losing hope, as I realize that the 22nd is Friday. Jim said the 30th but I don’t think he realized that it was a Saturday. The other 2 options are sometime in between or sometime after. I hope we hear something soon I am tired of saying we should know something in about a month, I started saying that a month ago. It is funny how impatient I am with this and how patient I am with China since I know it is so far out.
We are also both psychologically sound to be parents, Woo Hoo we passed!!!


Jimh. said…
Yes, what a great weekend!I am glad Ryan and I cut out early...the pool was nice!
I am sooo glad you finally got BB's crib...
Now I will continue to bug you to get the room done...I know I am a pain in the A**....
Can't wait to see more pictures..
I hope BB's referral comes soon...
I want to see my nephew...
I know .. he is your son and you would are a little bit more excited then me.. but not much...
Hugs..Love ya girly..
Grandma said…
That crib is fantastic. I haven't looked at baby furniture for years. They have really improved the looks of them. I tried to vote, but it was unavailable it said to come back later.
w00t! Great crib...and are fit to be parents! I can't believe how hot it's been for you guys...and uncharacteristically cool for us!

I voted somewhere in between cause I think it will be August 28th...which is the 2 yr referral-versary of Dori!

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