Most of you know I have been involved in a secret pal exchange for the last year with my Yahoo DTC group. We ended the exchange with a Cyber-shower for both March and April DTC groups. I was paired with Kelly and I got her gift today. She was so thoughtful and sent a gift for both Little Miss and our Burundi Baby! I totally did not expect that and it made my day more than just getting a package (which usually does it.)

I didn't even notice right away that there were 2 packages. I took this picture first because the package was so cute and then I realized there were two and one was for BB it was great!

Little Miss got this cute little outfit. I absolutely love the pom pom pigtail holders and I can’t wait to fix her hair in piggies. The corkscrew barrettes are cute also, I love options!!

BB got The Jungle Book on DVD which is a new one to add to our collection. We both love it, but did not have it yet! He also got some super cute finger puppets. Jim had to help me display them next to the knobs he painted. They will be great for puppet shows when we try and compete with Eli’s last birthday party.

Thank you, Amy, for organizing this Cyber-shower. I hope that Kelly and I can stay in touch during our long wait to get our daughters from China. I am so glad that we have the internet and new ways to stay in touch during this wait. It makes it more bearable.


Love the bows and the little outfit.. and how neat for her to think of BB.. the little finger puppets are darling.
Have a Great Day...
Jimh. said…
Those were awesome gifts! I liked the finger puppets...come tothink of it, so did Toby! he was very fascinated with the puppet show.
Grandma said…
Those little puppets are so cute, exactly like the knobs.
What nice gifts.

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