Etsy and Pictures

Guess what I am a seller on Etsy!! I have some of my blankets listed, finally. I have more to make and I am going to work on that soon, I keep getting distracted with other projects, like getting ready for BB!! Please go check it out and if you buy anything make sure you tell me you came from my blog!! My store name is

I have to give a big thanks to Diana at Red Thread Creations for the custom banner! I love it.

Here is also a few completely random pictures from our weekend, since they would not load yesterday. Add your own captions ;0)


Jimh. said…
Hey, who's that hot guy with the sunglasses and goatee? Oh, yeah, that's me! LOL! I am glad you are on Etsy! You should tell people the more they buy the more space BB will have in his/her room, since that is where the blankets are presently stored. I like the cranberry sparkle blanket.
Glad you got your Etsy account up..
I LOVE your blankets...
Love the pictures...
Have a Great Week..
Thanks for the shout out! The store looks great! I hope you sell lots of blankets (although the only blanket you need right now is a blanket of cooler weather!)
mommy2gabby said…
Hi Cora,

Congratulations on your ETSY shop! I really like the blankets and will be visiting soon.

Great weekend pictures. I think you guys had too much fun! The dog on your lap cracks me up.

Love the crib. It sure is fun to shop for little ones isn't it.

Grandma said…
Toby thinks he is your baby. I'm worried about his ego when baby arrives. He may not understand the concept of sharing with siblings:)
now that is the way to spend a weekend!!!!!

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