Family Fun Day

We had such a fun day with Jim's sister and her family. They came over just to hang out. they only live about an hour away but life seems to get busy and we don't get together as often as we would like. Every time we see each other we say we need to do this more often but it does not happen, except in December and January when we have birthdays to celebrate almost every weekend.

So we started the day by showing off the new crib, every one gets that tour, LOL. Then we just played with kids and dogs. We had mini-pizzas for lunch and then homemade ice cream for desert, YUM YUM.

We played some Wii and had a great time!
I wish we had more pictures of us all together but we were too busy having fun!!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


LOVE the pictures..
The kids are soooo cute..
Looks like a Great Day... Home-made ice cream... I want some...
I think we have the same table.. that is too funny..
Love your shirt...
Jimh. said…
Ah, the kids were great! And the ice cream was good, too!
What an awesome day, especially the Wii & homemade ice cream!
sister c said…
Thanks Cora for a great day! We all had a bunch of fun as you can tell by how late we stayed. And we ended the evening with El Porton yum....

I'm sorry for replying so late I haven't been at a computer for 10 days so I'm behind on things. Scott took the last week off to work on the motorcycle- not ready yet but very close.

Kids enjoyed all the time we spent with you-- sorry if we overwhelmed you with an overload of activity. If you weren't I was. =] love sis

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