Finally Friday!!

Yea, I am so excited for the weekend! No projects, just fun this weekend. There are still projects that need finishing but they can wait I need some relaxing away from home. We are not going far just to see Emily & Ryan but it will be great to get away. It is also a perfect weekend to spend next to a pool since it should be well over 100 degrees tomorrow. Hope to have lots of pics to post when we get back.

We are going to do a little shopping in the big city I will post that too if we get anything cool.

Here is the changing table minus the clear coat that I want to add but I really don’t think you would notice on the blog. It looks smaller green and in the room. I am taking votes on the changing table pads, contoured or flat that is the question.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Can't wait to see BB sitting his little butt on there..
Have fun at your sister's house.. and FUN shopping .. you know me...
Jimh. said…
I think contoured, since I don't know if my reflexes will be fast enough to keep a kid on that theycome with safety belts?
It's so cute. Not sure what you mean my contour or flat, but I would recommend one that has some kind of sides on it to help keep Little Miss What's Her Name in a defined space (although it won't be a safety barrier). We keep our wipes in the corner of ours, so sides help the box from falling off.
mommy2gabby said…
Hi Cora,

Just love the changing table! Definately contoured. That way if she tends to be squirmy she will not wiggle off the table. I had contoured with Gabby. They have cute little covers too for them!

Hope you are staying cool by the pool!

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