One Year of Blogging & a Special Birthday!

Can you believe my blogging, ebay selling, more computer literate than her son (sorry Dad it’s true) Grandma is turning 80 today!? We are going to have a special day for her in a couple weeks when we can all get together and I will be posting pictures (warning to the camera shy family out there.) I was hoping to have a picture of her newest Great Grandchild to show her today but maybe by the party! Please stop by her blog and wish her a happy day!! Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you!!

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been a year of blogging already! So much has happened and so much has changed, I went back and looked at a lot of my blogs from the past year and really enjoyed the the wonderful memories that came back. It has been a wonderful way to chronicle our journey and our lives. I don’t blog about everything but I hit the highlights and I love being able to go back and remember what was happening a particular time. The funny thing is I have never been much for journaling, but for some reason this seems to be easier. I guess it is just because I know others are reading it, I always found it pointless to just write for myself. Then there is all the wonderful people I have met. The wait would not be near as much fun with out you. I can't wait to get and share parenting advice with all of you.

We got the crib put together last night! Pictures and maybe video to follow, later in the week stay tuned....


Grandma said…
Thank you very much. I always love reading your blog, but today I feel very honored. Thank you !!!
Awesome scrap pages! Love the 1 yr collage!
LOVE the scrappages... you did a wonderful job...
Happy 1 year blogging.. glad I have been part of that and have enjoyed every minute..
If it wasn't for your blog we would have never met..
Love ya girly..
Have a Great Day..
I knew when I layed in bed at 130(when everone got home) that I sholdv'e been up posting a comment..
Jimh. said…
Happy One Year! Happy 80 Years! I am glad you got into blogging! Love ya!

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