Slowly but surely I am making head way on the changing table. Both ends are done and the inside and the shelves. I still have the doors to do and then the knobs. I looked at some really cute hand painted ones but they were like $15 each so Jim said that he could do that. So we will see how good he really is! Then I want to put a clear coat on it to seal everything. But since some people could wait no more for pictures here are a few to keep you happy :0).

Let me know what you think of the progress.


LOVE IT!!!!!!
Can't wait to see BB laying his sweet little butt on it...
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
You have worked hard on it, and it looks GOOD! I am glad it is FINALLY FRIDAY!
Grandma said…
It is perfect!!! Unique,funtional and beautiful. You have a talent for the changing table. Wait till that baby gets here, you'll think you have a talent for the changing table. For sure, for sure. LOL
Looking good! So cute!

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