It has been a long week with not much to post about. I know some of you are waiting for pictures of the finished changing table but you are just going to have to keep waiting. It has progressing slower than I was hoping but it is coming along.
It is Hop Festival weekend in our little town. That means a giant beer garden, fair food, booths of fun stuff and a parade. The degree that we plan to participate is still to be determined. We will probably catch the parade tomorrow being as the path is pretty much in front of our house.
Our adoption agency is having a picnic on Sunday but I don't think we will make it just because it is in Seattle and it is a bit of a drive for a picnic, but who knows we might.
Cross your fingers that I find some time to get the changing table finished and out of the Living Room.
Have a great weekend everyone!


I will be waiting for the changing table..
Have fun watching the parade...
And have fun if you go to the picnic...
Have a Great Weekend..

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