Tuesdays and Bank Holidays

Jim and I went to the Tri-cities to see my sisters and to look at Circuit City to look at Video Cameras. Well I have said this before and I will say it again we should never just look. It always leads to just buying. We came home with this little beauty. I think it might be a while before I figure out how to use it properly and I am able to post a video but stay tuned it will come eventually. We should have it figured out by the time we head to Africa to bring home our BB and we will be pros by the time we head to China.
By the way that is the top of the changing table so there is a little bit of progress.

I told Jim that if we work around the house this week we could go hang out with Em and Ryan next weekend and lounge in the pool again. So tonight he got up started moving the furniture. We have been contemplating rearranging for a couple of weeks. I did not think that tonight would be a good night but my dear husband told me I could relax on Tuesday’s and bank holidays. Did I mention he is CRAZY.

Here are a couple pics from yesterday. Sorry we did not get better ones but that will have to wait for next weekend.


Love the picture of you and your sister...
Looks like you had fun...
I want to see more of the changing table...LOL...
But looks good right now..
Love the new digital HD video recorder...
You will figure it out..
Have fun..
Jimh. said…
I wish you had not pushed that camera on me...I just wanted to look...LOL! I think we did well. The price was good and the features pretty nifty, too! And, you only have to WORK on Tuesdays and Bank Holidays...which, you working, would be a stretch of the definition of the word any day...LOL!
Grandma said…
Love that green. What a great looking camera.

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