Weekend Projects and Adoption Stresses

So I promised that I would show you all the weekend projects that I was trying to finish. I got most of them almost done.

The changing table needs a few more leaves and Jim has almost got the knobs done. Then I want to paint a clear coat on it to give it a nice finish. Then all I will need is a changing pad!

The rag quilt I was working on is almost done I just need to clip the seams and wash it again.

I got the bleeding hearts pulled out of the garden for the season, I should have taken a before picture but here is the after picture.

We finished our adoption class!! (Sorry no pictures of us sitting at our laptops reading)
I did not however get the descriptions for the blankets done and put on Etsy but I will get there. So I think that we did pretty well considering we took out time to go find a geo cache that Jim’s parents did for us. It was pretty cool except the prize was hidden under my office window at work; the last place I want to go on a Sunday but the Starbucks card and the chocolates in the tin were well worth it.

Now about the stress, Jim and I went for our psychological evaluation yesterday. That was a lot more stressful than we both thought it would be. It consisted of an interview and a test of 567 questions. I hope that we did ok. I think everything was fine but it is really stressful when all your dreams of being a parent could be riding on an hour interview and a T/F personality test. I thought he would ask questions about infertility or how Jim and I are as a couple but he hardly asked about those things. All he wanted to know was about my health and examples of how we plan to discipline teenagers. How am I supposed to know that now?!?! Don’t I get a chance to have a baby first and work my way up to a teenager. I understand it is probably important to know that I have thought about what teenagers could be like but it is not like I am planning to adopt an older child and jump right in.

Oh well at least it is over, I am crossing my fingers for a good report. Although, we still don't know how we are going to handle our 171H, switch countries or apply for a new one and the deadline is coming. It is funny how easily you forget the anxiety that the paperchase creates until you are in it again.


Jimh. said…
that psych exam was a little more fun than having my eyebrows plucked, an right up there with walking on broken glass, maybe not quite as enjoyable as hitting your thumb with a hammer. Yeah, it was great, lets do it again.
The changing table is looking GREAT...
LOVE the knobs...
The blanket is soooo perfect for BB.. he will LOVE IT..
And on the psych test... well.. if you want to know how to raise a teenager first...
I can loan you a few...
But you might not want a baby after that...lol..
Have a Great Evening..
mommy2gabby said…
I just love the changing table! Who painted the knobs they are really adorable?!

I'm sorry the psychological testing was no fun. I am sure that you guys passed with flying colors though.

Are you starting a etsy shop? I am considering doing one.

Have a great rest of the week and eveing!
Grandma said…
That changing table is great. The knobs turned out perfect.
I love the quilt too.
I'm sure you passed the parenting test or whatever they call it.
Do you need to be 100% perfect to be an adoptive parent? Too bad that rule doesn't apply to natural parents.

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