A Yard Sale Morning

We decided to forgo the annual Hop Festival parade to head to some yard sales. I looked up a few on Craigslist that I wanted to hit and we decided that we would head out to West Valley and just find them as we went.

We were looking for a crib or a dresser or whatever else we fancied. The first one I found some cloth diaper s for 10 cents each and a sippy cup that was still in the package, score! Then we headed to one that I looked up that said they had baby stuff. The gal apparently had twin boys that had grown out of a bunch of stuff. That is where I found the play yard pictured below. It was practically brand new. It was a great find.

Upon further yard sales we ended up with a few pieces of Kids clothes, a bath seat, a cookie press and Jim got some things too but they’re boring I’m sure. I am definately continuing my search it was fun and I think we did pretty good.

When we got home we headed to the Hop Festival for some lunch, yum. I am hoping to get more done on the changing table tonight and I also have some sewing I want to get done. We will see what happens.

Tonight we are going to have GIANT super fattening burgers with pinapple, ham, teriyaki sauce and avacados. I can't wait!


Glad you found some great deals..
Have fun sewing.. and painting..
I want to see more pictures...
Jimh. said…
That food was AWESOME!!! That was THE BEST burger ever. Thank you for putting it together. My military backpack and the shelf for displaying my ships was not boring. That, let's be honest, playpen was a good deal! I am glad you saw it. I'm looking forward to next weekend!
WOW~ Great find! I just love garage sales (although we had one last week and are still trying to sell the extras on Craigs List, so I am not going to any right now!)

And the burgers sounded GREAT! We had salmon burgers. I don't like fish, but these weren't 1/2 bad!
Wendy said…
You got some great finds!!! The pack and play crib is really nice too!

Oh and those hamburgers sound delicious!!!

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