Here we are 17 months into what sometimes seems like a never ending wait. It is not a neverending wait one day I will put all of these posts in a books for our Little Miss to look at and know that while her parents are waiting they were still smiling because one day they would have a beautiful little girl to share all of this with.


Happy 17th.....
We are in this together..
Love ya girly..
And I tooo can not wait for Little Miss to get here...
Seems strange to say...Happy 17 mos, but it is good to seem smiles on your faces.

Maybe Hallmark should develop a new line of cards...

Happy Paper Chase
May all your home study dreams come true.

Congratulations on your LID Anniversary
Your dossier is in good hands!

Congratulations on Getting Your Finger Prints Taken
Now cross those fingers and hope that USCIS doesn't lose them.

(I'm much more creative with Photo Shop!)
Jimh. said…
I like Dori's Mommy's comments! Seventeen! Well, mybe we will have a big party for 18?! Love ya!
17 months closer! Soon Little Miss!
Another step closer! Congrats.
okie said…
I know you two will be the best Mommie and Daddy in the world.
I know it has to be soon I've been praying for you guys,but I have learned that Gods time is different than my time this week.

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