Another Weekend Gone

It is always sad on Sunday nights when I realize that I have to go back to work tomorrow. The weekend always seems so short. We did not do much this weekend. I got a little sewing done and we helped my Mom with her new fish tank. I think she is going to really enjoy it and the kids will to. Sorry no pictures we forgot the camera but I do have some of my sewing. Here is the newest in my clothing creations. I am pretty sure that it will look even better on a little girl, perhaps I will find one to borrow to make sure it is OK.

Here is the back.

And it is reversible, how clever am I (Ok it was the pattern) but still cool.

I also got a couple pillow cases listed and a blanket done! Yay!


Jimh. said…
You are such a busy beaver! It looks awesome. When are you gonna make me a nomex flying suit? Or help me make a borg costume? Sure, you make stuff for the nonexistant kid we have, but you don't give a hoot for your stinking husband! LOL!! Love the new should show them the pillow cases! I agree totally about the short weekend.
mommy2gabby said…

What a cute dress! I like that it is 2 dresses in one. You are very talented.

Hope you have a great week at work!
Mits said…
Wow! Amazing designs!
You have done a great and very talented work...
I like all the dresses....
Hope that I will be able to see some more deigns shortly....

Sorry you have to go to work tomorrow.. just think.. I had to go tonight.. and now my throat hurts and I am sitting up looking at blogs... LOVE IT.. NOT..
LOVE the pinafore.. it is beautiful..
I need to know prices.. cause you know Isabella wants one of each..
Cause she has to be like Little Miss...
You are doing such a wonderful job..
Love ya girly..
Have a Great Day..
OMG...that is adorable! I've never really gotten the hang of reversible stuff...I supposed reading the directions does help!
Kelly & Todd said…
Cora --

The dress is just beautiful. I love the back, the colors, the patterns, the entire thing :-) You are very talented.

Have a great week - hopefully it will go fast for you!

-- kelly :-)
Erin said…
For a seconf there I thought Jim said your "shrinking" husband. You know if he really wants you to make him something make him a dress. ;)
Dawn S. said…
You are clever and I want some lessons!!!! >:(

LID 3-13-06
Angie wells said…
Oh, I love this little dress. Great idea, if she spills on one side, just flip it & she is ready to go! do you sell any of your creations?

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