Fingerprint Fiasco

We got up early this morning and headed for the USCIS office to get our finger prints re-taken. As you may recall some unknown governmental force caused us to have to do this again although we were just there on the September 4th and they collected our biometrics (fingerprints, no bodily fluids yet)right there at that time. We got this letter in the mail with an appointment on it with no clear reason why we had the appointment so we called our agency and they thought it was an error and we should ignore it but to be on the safe side Jim called the number on the notice and he talked to someone who told him that she could not say what happened but they needed to recollect our biometrics. So we figured we don’t want to mess this up so we arranged to be late to work, which was not easy for Jim since he is a substitute teacher. Jim could have easily have lost his subbing job for that day but the school he was working for was kind enough to work around it. We get the office and after having our strip search in security (I have learned not to take anything but my paperwork, ID and a check book), we get another form to fill out and wait. We sat there for 30 minutes before Jim was called up to the window. He then asked the lady why we have to come back again; she said “well when were you last here, a year ago?” He said “no a couple weeks ago.” She then had to check on it. Apparently our fingerprints are fine and we did not need them re-done, we should have listened to our agency but who knew. So we were sent on our way with nothing but wasted time, no wonder the government never seems to get anything accomplished. Hopefully she knew what she was talking about and we don’t get another appointment in a couple of weeks.


Jimh. said…
I can't believe the incompetence we run into. At least we got breakfast!
Got to love the Gov.. They must schedule 50 people at a time like they do here...
The things we do for our babies..
Hugs girly.
Miss ya..
Hopefully this will be the biggest hassle of the rest of your process!
Anonymous said…
Leave it to the government. No wonder our country is in such a mess. They need somebody in charge of quality control. Can't you see that, somebody in charge over everything. It would call for a new position or title. They could say "I am the Controller"
I think another word would be dictator. So maybe it couldn't work.
Grandma said…
I wrote the previous comment. I didn't mean to be anoymous. It's been one of those kind of days.
mommy2gabby said…
Oh my gosh! That is kinda frustrating. Hope that breakfast was extra special Jim.

We got our notice for our appt yesterday. We had specifically let them know what dates we were not available. Well low and behold the scheduled us for Oct. 9th a day that Brent is away on a business trip. Now we have to resubmit for another date. UGG...

Hange in there you guys! Hey, are you the #1 family for BB with AAO? Just wondering after I saw Dave's email about Burundi.

okie said…
I've learned this week that God has his own time for things to happen,and I know his, for you has to be real soon. I've been hoping and praying for these babies to find you cause I know you are going to be "GREAT GREAT"Parents

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