Grandma's Day!

A couple weeks ago my Grandma turned 80. We could not all get together then so a small party was planned for yesterday. It was just kids, grands and great grands and it was really nice to see everyone. It is very rare that so many of us get together any more. It was at grandma’s house and my Dad brought a fish and cooked it, Jim made some salads, Aunt Karen and Uncle Denis made sure that the rest of the meal was filled in with yummy food. Emily and I decided that the cake should come from Cake Personality in Prosser if you live in the area I highly recommend them. Not only was the cake delicious it was beautiful. We have used them before, for my 30th birthday and the cake was just as good then. I think Emily will be picking up the cakes from now on, hope she does not mind.

eight years old to eighty years old and looking great!

"Just over the hill"

What does an 80 year old woman want most for her birthday? A Laptop of course. So we all got together to give her money for her laptop fund, she will probably have to add a little to it but hopefully not too much. Grandma, don’t forget if you need help shopping or setting it up just call. We will even offer to drive you to the Tri-cities if you want more selection or if you just want to see Emily’s house. I am sure she will cook us lunch.

I did not get the greatest pictures but here are a few. The only ones missing were Molly and Paul but they had a friends wedding and could not make it. Actually I think that is a pretty good turn out.

These are memories for our little ones since they were not here to celebrate with us.


Jimh. said…
Great pics! I love that CAKE!! And I hope we can give Grndma a hand with the computer selection! Ha! I beat Kim!!
LOVE the pictures...
Looks like you had a Great Time...
So glad you could all get together...
Have a Great Sunday..
Jim~ you got lucky..I let you...
Grandma said…
I am "over the moon" as the Brits say. Cora, I am so glad you posted the pictures. I felt I should put pictures of the event on my blog and I really didn't have hardly any on my camera. Thank you.
the stengles said…
Hey, we love the pictures too!! Thank you Cora for posting and thank you Grandma for a really great day! We hope Tri-cities is in the future for computer shopping and visiting!! It is ONLY one hour drive. Love, The Stengles
mommy2gabby said…
What wonderful memories for your family. Your little ones will enjoy the pictures.

Really liked the cake 8-80 that was very neat! Your Grandma is pretty hip to want a laptop! I love it. I can't even get my mom to email me let alone sit down at a computer. My dad is the computer geek on their family!
Christie said…
That is so cute! What a great thing to do for her!!!

How's the progress on the 2nd adoption?!?


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